Thursday, May 5, 2011

6th Hospital Visit

We just completed out 6th hospital stay since Evie has been born. That is including the NICU, so, I guess thats not too bad, considering how often other children in similar situations have to stay. Thankfully, this time was very short: a mere 3 day, 2 night stay. We are quite adjusted to life on the inside. We know the cafeteria hours, we know the rules of both the peds floor and the PICU. We have gotten to be very well acquainted with all 3 hospitalists. Its kinda nice walking into a big hospital, knowing she will receive the care that she needs. We even have a schedule that we follow while there. Evie and I wake up, play until 9. I let her play on her own while I eat a cold breakfast, then we meander down to the playroom, and I let her crawl around for a while. Then, we return, and she naps, while I attempt to find something decent to watch on TV. By then its lunch time! After lunch I usually nap, while holding Evie. Then, awaken to watch the most ridiculous show in the history of shows: Lets make a Deal. By then she usually wakes up and we play and read. It wasn't too bad this time. Really.

I just hope someday soon, our life won't be so, day to day. I feel like thats how we have to live. We never know what tomorrow will hold. Its hard to make commitments. Its hard to make plans. We can't go out of town. Heck, on Patrick's days off we usually end up staying at home to catch up with one another. Last week I intended to clean both the laundry room and our back porch. Neither got done. Its not for lack of trying, I assure you. Its just that hard with Evie.

I am so thankful to announce, if you don't already know, that we got medicaid back. It is such a relief. We no longer have to worry about enteral feeding supplies, or lack home health. Too, we don't have to pay out the wazzoo for this past hospital stay. It is just a HUGE sigh of relief.

Well, I am going to go to bed. In my own bed. With my 2 snuggly puppies, under my own sheets. I may just sink into the mattress.

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