Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Possible Big Changes

So, all of my life I have wanted nothing more than to teach and perform music. I have a degree in music performance. I currently teach a 31 min preschool class once a week, and have worked at a fabulous private school using the Montessori method of teaching. I also teach Children's music at a church in Greenwood, and help lead worship on Sunday mornings. Also, Patrick and I sing in the choir on Sundays at Brookwood. I love it all!!

However, today our home health nurse brought over some VERY interesting information about a 2 yr nursing degree. Apparently, I lack only 3 classes, (one of which is a Speech class that may be able to be substituted for another humanity I have already taken.) Then, I can get into clinicals, which would be for 3 semesters. Amazing. It requires less hours/time than going back and getting my Music Ed degree.

Here are my thoughts:

After having taught at a wonderful Montessori school, I see where I could have big problems managing a public school classroom. Music or not. I firmly believe in the Montessori method, and KNOW that it works. So, I don't really see me teaching in a public school where I have personally observed many problems. I also don't even want to put my own child in a public school. So why would I want to place myself in that situation? I have the deepest respect for public school teachers. Heck, my husband is currently one. However, that does not mean that I have the ability to teach in one. So, that being said, private school would be an option. But, as most of you know, music is highly specialized. There isn't often a chance to be a music teacher in a private school. Once someone gets the position, they often stay there until retirement.

So, this has been my desire all my life, so why change it?

Having a child changes you. Having a special needs child changes you. I have already learned way more about caring for the sick than most nurses know. I can place an NG tube, I can change out a G-Tube. I know how to work most pump systems, I know how to work an IV machine.I can administer meds, I know about special formulas, reflux, most metabolic diseases, and am familiar with many meds and their side affects. All of this any Mito Mom wil be able to do. But, I see what parents go through when living in the hospital. I honestly care about other sick kids. Not to mention I already am in good with the local hospital staff. I need a goal. Caring for Evie has changed my whole perspective on life. I am not only her Mom, but I am her nurse. I am her advocate.

I can be that for other kids too. I know many kids don't have loving parents like Evie does. I know that other kids get left in hospitals to fend for themselves and their nurses are their only caregivers. This breaks my heart. If I can help ease the pain of being sick, maybe I can make a difference, somehow.

Now, I am just thinking about all of this. I haven't decided to take the plunge yet. But if it is in God's will, then I want to. I am praying and seeking him about it.
Its hard to believe that all of my life's goals can change in a day. But, I can still do church choir. I can still sing on Sundays, and make a difference musically too. I am, obviously, a patron of the Arts. And I still can make sure that music is not forgotten. But I can be a nurse too. Please be praying with me about this. I am going to speak with an adviser next week. If God leads me to do this, then hopefully I can get into 2 of the classes I need this summer. Maybe then I can get into clinicals in the fall. One of the good things about being a nurse is that I can work the hours that I want and still care for Evie the way I need to. It is very versatile and flexible. From what I understand, clinicals is 2 days a week, 8 hrs a day. For 3 semesters. I can handle that. I am scared to make this change, but I think it may be good for me too. For a long time now, I have been in a rut and I have not been this excited in a long time.

But, again, still have not made any big decisions. I really do want this to be from God and not from me, so please be praying with me so that God's hand can lead me. Thankyou for your never ending support!

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